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Fee Schedule

Service Fee Schedule
Item Amount
Checking/Savings Account Fees 
Monthly Service Charge FREE
Close Account Within 90 Days $10.00
Courtesy Pay Overdraft Privilege $30.00
Share Draft Non-Sufficient Funds $30.00
Stop Payment (per request) $15.00
Returned Deposited Item $20.00
Check Order
New Account Order (50 checks) FREE
Subsequent Orders See Price List
Check Copy $3.00
Overdraft Transfer to Checking $3.00
(Up to six each month; Enrollment required) 
Transaction Fees
Money Order $1.50
Teller Check to Third Party $3.00
Certified Check $7.00
Check Cashing 1 $10.00
ATM Transaction Fee (first 10 each month) FREE
ATM Transaction Fee (after first 10 FREE) $1.00 each
(Include ATM deposits, withdrawals, transfers and inquiries) 
Debit Card Point-of-Sale Transaction Fee FREE
Telephone Transfers FREE
Other Fees 
Notary Service (members only)  FREE
Statement Copy  $3.00
Inactive (Dormant) Account Fee  $5.00/month
Account Reconciliation/Research  $20.00/hour
Bad Address - Undeliverable Statement  $5.00
Domestic Wire Transfer: 
Incoming  FREE
Outgoing  $20.00
Legal Process: 
Garnishment/Levy $50.00
Escheat $75.00
IRA Transfer to New Trustee $40.00
IRA Annual Fee FREE
Debit and Credit Card Fees
Card Replacement $5.00
Lost Debit Card $15.00
VISA Check Card (Debit): 
Initial Card Issuance FREE
Annual Fee FREE
Debit Point-of-Sale Transactions FREE
Courtesy Pay Overdraft Privilege 2 $30.00
ATM/Debit Non-Sufficient Funds 2 $30.00
VISA Credit Card: 
Annual Fee FREE
Overlimit Fee FREE
VISA Travel Money Card $4.00
Virtual Branch Home Banking 
Home Banking FREE
Transfers FREE
On-Line Bill Pay FREE
E-Statements FREE
Bill Pay Stop Payment $40.00

1 Shares average under $100.00 over last 30 days; no direct deposit; no other services used. Subject to normal check cashing criteria.

2 If selected

Fees listed above are effective July 31, 2010 and are subject to change. You may obtain a current Service Fee Schedule by contacting the credit union.