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Bill Pay

Enjoy the convenience and savings of paying your bills on-line with the On-Line Bill Pay service in Virtual Branch.  With Bill Pay…

  • Avoid payments lost in the mail
  • Save postage costs from mailing your payments
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to the post office
  • Schedule payments for dates that make sense for you and save you costly fees
  • Pay bills when you know money will be in your checking account
  • Schedule payments to arrive before they are due
  • Once a merchant is set up, making payments is as easy as entering the amount and date you want payment to be made and arrive
  • You can even schedule regular payments for the same amount like loan payments or rent to be made at regular intervals (like monthly) for a designated period of time.
  • Take Bill Pay with you!  Sign up for Mobile Banking and pay your bills using our mobile banking app.

You are busy.  Use Bill Pay to make paying bills a breeze instead of a chore.

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