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Member Loyalty Rewards

R-S Bellco FCU success is dependent on members using its products and services.  To encourage and reward active members, the credit union is providing rewards available to members that use R-S Bellco for their banking needs.  Qualifying members will have access to MEMBER LOYALTY REWARDS in the form of loan specials.

To qualify, a member(s) must be in good standing and have their principal share draft (checking) account with R-S Bellco.  The share draft account must have the following.

  1. Direct deposit (or regular history of physical deposit) of net pay, pension or social security.  Deposits limited to loan payment or small share deposit do not qualify.
  2. Debit card with regular use (6 or more transactions per month)
  3. Enrolled in home banking

Exceptions to item 2 and/or 3 by CEO are possible where member profile warrants.


Home Equity Loan Specials

  • 5.49% for up to 10 years – must be first position at LTV up to 80%

Auto/Truck/Motorcycle/RV Loans

  • Get 1/4% off ANY rate

Share/CD-Secured Loans

  • 2.50% for up to 5 years

Rates are based on creditworthiness and loans are subject to normal underwriting criteria. Employees cannot combine discounts with MLR promotions.